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Do you find yourself staying in hotels and AirBnBs on the regular?

It's becoming increasingly likely that hidden cameras are in unsuspecting guests' hotel rooms, as reported by experts. Phones are even being bugged!

These devices are often left by previous guests, corrupt staff, or owners of the facilities, themselves. Our device helps you detect if there are any cameras in your room.

How does it work?

When you point the device at a camera lens, you'll instantly see a reflection.

Our Camfinder Detector is very easy to use. Simply hold the device to your eye and look through the viewfinder while pushing down on the top button. If any camera lenses are present, the super bright 6 LED lights will reflect them.

It's a very easy process and keeps your privacy intact.

Did you know that hidden cameras can be hidden in inconspicuous places like alarm clocks, fans, smoke detectors, and more? Scary, isn't it?! Our device will help you find them ALL.