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Car Scratch Repair Kit

$14.95 $29.95


The Car Scratch Repair Kit is the BEST solution to fix scratches, scuff marks, & swirl marks on any vehicle.

Formulated with an ultra-fine polishing compound, the repair kit is designed to remove all kinds of stubborn marks without destroying the paint of your car.

The professional repair paste quickly dissolves scratches like magic!

Right now, the Car Scratch Repair Kit is on SALE!


  • Removes scratches, marks, scuff, and paint imperfections
  • works within 10 seconds
  • Visibly removes scratches without harming your paint
  • Restores the original luster and color of your car
  • Rinse-free formula
  • Portable and compact packaging


  • Size: 15g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Scratch Repair Kit