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Nobody likes cleaning out their cat's litter box. It's just not a fun chore. Plus, coming in contact with your cat's poop is gross and unsanitary!

Our Cat Litter Sifter System is designed to make cleaning up after your cat super easy! The scoop is made to easily shake off excess litter and then tilts to send the poo into a bagged receptacle. All you have to do is tie the bag and throw it away. You NEVER have to touch any cat poo!

Our system is made with a small trap door that opens and closes when you place poo inside. This ensures you never have to smell any foul odors.

Refill bags conveniently dispense like tissues making them very easy to replace. This system totally takes care of your cat's hygiene!


  • EASY - Quick and easy one-handed operation
  • CLEAN - Attached waste basket and trap door design makes cleaning the litter box safe, easy, and hygienic. The mess is always contained and never spills or stinks!
  • QUICK DISPOSAL - Simply tie the bag up and throw it away!


  1. When lining the bin with a bag make sure to push the bag all the way to the bottom of the bin and into all four corners.
  2. Be sure to sift out clean litter by shaking the scoop back and forth before dumping the waste into the bin to avoid filling the bin with clean litter.
  3. After every 2-3 scoops shake the bin or tap the bin on the floor to eliminate air pockets and to get the waste to settle to the bottom of the bin which will create more room to continue scooping.
  4. If a large clump gets caught between the scoop and the bin simply shake the scoop a bit in the upright position to get the clump to fall into the bin.
  5. For extremely large clumps you can use the edge of the scoop to cut the clump in half before scooping.