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Don't allow yourself to get bored while in the car! Our amazing little gadget lets you play your favorite tunes, take calls, and even charge your phone. The Car FM Transmitter & Charger has AUX, Bluetooth, audio, and USB enabled head unit capabilities.

You can easily connect the device to your phone or any other smart device through Bluetooth and play all of your fave songs! Plus, this gadget is designed to stream calls from your phone through your car's speakers. This makes driving safer.


  • Pairs with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones / tablets, and music USB flash driver
  • Conveniently connects to the car's stereo as a FM transmitter
  • Comes with a built-in microphone that cancels out echos and interference
  • Plays crisp, clear music
  • Hands-free calls for safer driving
  • Dual USB ports for simultaneous quick charging
  • LED display for FM channels ****and ****real-time monitoring of automotive battery life
  • Universal car batteries, 12V/24V compatible, works in just about all vehicles


  • Plug the FM transmitter into your car's cigarette lighter socket ****for power
  • Tune the car FM radio to a blank station between 87.5MHz and 108.0MHz
  • Match this FM transmitter to the same frequency
  • Simply add it as a radio preset and you can tune to it anytime you want to use the Transmitter to play music
  • Connect the product to your smart device via Bluetooth**.** Now it can transmit calls and music to the car stereo. You can also insert a USB drive / TF card (≤ 16GB) into the the top right USB port and it will play music automatically


  • 1x Car FM Transmitter & Charger