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Handheld Toilet Bidet Set

$59.95 $119.95


The Handheld Toilet Bidet Set is a convenient and practical way to keep clean after using the bathroom.

It's very easy to install and setup.

Using it is refreshing!

We've put this amazing item on sale just for you!


  • All parts included
  • Saves money and cuts down on toilet paper usage
  • Universal design
  • Adjustable water pressure for a personal experience
  • Multipurpose design isn't just for the bidet, but is also ideal as a cloth diaper sprayer, dog shower, cleaning potty seat bowl, squatting pan, and so much more
  • Very easy to install and requires no fancy tools
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Soft Press design does not stress the hand
  • The Hose 1.5 Meters (59 inches) In length, G1/2" connection
  • Stainless steel hose material

T-adapter Information:

  • Switch Water Outlet & Shut Off to adjust flow
  • We Send Suitable T-adapter Ffor varying countries
  • Dimension: G1/2"*G1/2"*G1/2",or 7/8"*G1/2"*7/8"
  • T-adapter is made from brass material, chrome plated, and ceramic disc cartridge