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Heat Massaging Neck Wrap

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The Massaging, Weighted Neck Wrap with Therapeutic Heat is our newest Heat Massaging Neck Wrap. The mix of therapeutic heat, relaxing massaging vibrations, and targeted weighted pressure for rapid, calming comfort is the secret! The weighted clay beads give mild pressure to enhance the massaging vibrations and uniformly disseminate the soothing heat to calm muscles in the Heat Massaging Neck Wrap, which has three therapeutic heat levels and nine massaging vibration settings.


  • Adjustable Design – The Heat Massaging Neck Wrap Wrap comes with an extender strap for a more personalized fit. For increased comfort and targeted relief, adjust the strap to your ideal fit. The heated massager will supply you with pleasant heat for your neck!
  • Soothing Clay Bead Filling - Weighted clay beads apply mild pressure to the massage vibrations, evenly dispersing the soothing heat. Muscle aches, stiff joints, and pains are relieved by using this product. Heat Massaging Neck Wrap is constructed of a sumptuous velveteen material that feels super-soft to the touch. This plush fabric is soft and snug on the skin, allowing for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Comfortable Massaging Vibrations - The Heat Massaging Neck Wrap features three therapeutic heat levels and nine massaging vibrations for a total of 27 relaxing options. There are three massage modes to choose from, so you can get peaceful, tailored treatment wherever you are!
  • Functions That Are Simple To Use - The Heat Massaging Neck Wrap has an adjustable strap for a specific comfort fit and to keep the wrap in place. Choose from 3 heat degrees and 9 vibration levels to get your ideal level of relaxation! There are 9 different calming combinations to select from! It comes with a nine-foot USB cord that can be used anywhere that has a USB port.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Heat Massaging Neck Wrap