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How many cars do you know of that can climb the walls? Probably none! Well, we are about to blow your mind with this amazing gravity-defying toy!

This car zips, zooms, and clings to the wall like a spider monkey! The LED lights are bright and bold, turning on depending on how you drive the car. Use the remote control to take this RC car on a road trip through your house.

Kids and adults alike LOVE this toy! Get yours while they're HOT!


  • DUAL MODES: With the flip of a switch you can access 2 different modes - wall and floor. Using a vacuum principle, the super absorption feature allows the RC car to move on all smooth surfaces in wall mode. This includes walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, and more! In floor mode, the car can move extremely fast.
  • UPDATED REMOTE CONTROLLER: Updated controller only requires 3 ‘AAA’ batteries unlike the previous model that needed 6 ‘AA’ batteries. It's far more efficient and eco-friendly. Your child can easily grasp the controller, too.
  • EXCITING HEADLIGHTS & TAILLIGHTS: The LED lights turn on based on how you drive the car. Two headlights turn on when the car moves forward, and both rear lights turn on when the car moves backwards. Moves left, and the left front lights come on and when the RC car moves right, the right front lights turn on.
  • 360 ° STUNT ROTATION: Can spin 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise when moving forward and backwards. You and your child will love this feature as it is very entertaining.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The body of the RC car is made from durable ABS plastic ensuring shock absorbance from impact. Kids love playing with interactive toys. This car will keep them entertained for hours. 30-day hassle free return policy should you not be satisfied.