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Large Capacity Travel Bag

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The Large Capacity Travel Bag is a one-of-a-kind piece of luggage. It's very incredible. The bag appears little on the outside, but the amount of cargo you can fit inside will astound you! Bulky clothing, folded towels, shoes, and even electronics fit easily in this bag! You'll want to bring the bag with you everywhere you go, even on the bus, train, and airport. Put your faith in the long-lasting, waterproof material.


  • Premium Durable Material - Water-resistant Nylon material of excellent quality. The luggage duffle bags are lightweight, easy to pack, and extremely durable.
  • Rich in Storage - It can be used as a gym bag, a carry-on bag, a travel/day bag, a folding shopping bag, or a sports bag; it can be used for anything.
  • Portable & Convenient - When you're done with it, simply fold it neatly back into the small bag that comes with it. When the bag is in use, it also doubles as a little side pocket.
  • Durable & Waterproof - Solid straps support more than 45 pounds, and smooth metal zippers eliminate the risk of ripping or breaking during travel.
  • Foldable Design - With a compartment on the outside that allows the duffel to be slid over a suitcase's handle.


  • Size: 17.7" x 7.9" x 13.4" (Expanded) / 7.5" x 5.5" (Folded)
  • Material: Waterproof Nylon
  • Color: Black, Pink, Light Purple, Blue, Purple Red, Fruit Green
  • Capacity: 20 - 35L

Package includes:

  • 1 x Large Capacity Folding Travel Bag