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When you want to be the life of the party, you need these LED USB Party Eyeglasses! They're futuristic and fun! The coolest way to get your message out there! No one can miss it!

These shades are absolutely lit! In just one push of a button, you can display your message for the world to see. No worries! The shades are easy on the eyes and NEVER obstruct your vision. You can easily choose between 8 LED patterns to display using a convenient app on your Smartphone. The app connects via Bluetooth and not WiFi making it possible to sue wherever you go! Enter your own text, animations, drawings, or patterns to customize your message.

Designed with a powerful ****USB-charged lithium-ion polymer 180mAh battery lasting for 500+ recharge cycles, the eyeglasses never run out of steam!

Choose the speed, brightness, and direction of your text and/or animations. These glasses allow you to showcase your style and creativity! Each creation you make is automatically saved and you can edit them and switch between patterns with the push of a button.

A longer push on the conveniently positioned left temple button switches the LED lights on or off, transforming the LED eyeglasses to regular shades. Or you can do it from the app.

The glasses charge quickly via the USB port on the left temple. A discrete LED indicator light glows red when charging is in progress and green once it’s complete. A fully charged battery lasts up to 6 hours!

App is available for iOS and Android.