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Never in your wildest dreams did you think 5mm magnetic balls could be so entertaining!

Are you looking for a way to relieve some stress? Maybe, you need to pass some time. Our magnetic balls can help you do both!


  • • Make WEARABLE Jewelry - Our toy allows you to create custom jewelry pieces that you can actually wear! Need a necklace for a party? make one! need a bracelet for a wedding? Yep, you can make that, too! The length you need is completely adjustable and there are never any fasteners, involved. You can even create magnetic earrings. Wow! There is no limit to the types of jewelry you can make with our nifty magnetic balls.
  • • Super Posh Building Blocks - You have never seen such a sophisticated building block set in your life. Our magnetic balls make Legos look boring. You can use the balls to create a number of sculptures and creations. We advise that children only use these magnetic balls under the watchful eye of a parent as the parts are small and pose a choking hazard.
  • • The Fun NEVER Ends - Our magnetic balls are designed to be reused over and over again. There are literally infinite amounts of creations you can make with them. The balls are super strong so your designs will never come apart unless you want them too. Plus, our magnets are made from recyclable material, which is wonderful for the planet.
  • • Highly Durable - Our 5 mm magnetic balls are made from durable material that is made to last. The balls will always remain shiny and retain their strong magnetic capability.
  • • Order as Many Balls as You Want - We don't put restrictions on how many balls you can order. Your creative ability with these balls is truly endless!