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Night Vision System

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Never feel afraid of driving at night. Don’t put yourself on danger and Drive safely with Night Vision System

Do you have problems driving at night because of your eyesight or the bright lights that blind you in dark roads?

Brighten your way at night with your own Night Vision System for any car!

Night Vision System helps you to be aware of your surroundings while driving at night and increases the distance you get to see in darkness and very poor weather conditions. It can be your savior when driving at night for long distances. It plays the role of an assistant when you are tired of driving in such circumstances.

While a Night Vision System is only limited to luxury cars, this is a Night Vision solution that can be installed in almost any low-cost car or truck with a very budget price compared to the ridiculous prices of in-built Night Vision Systems.

You can save 50% if you order the Night Vision System today!

You may not understand the necessity of a Night Vision System in your car until you go through an awful driving night experience, but is it worth it to drive in darkness while you can finally get a Night Vision System on the cheap?

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The days of difficult night driving are over. You'll never be blinded by bright lights & dark roads, again!

For some people, driving can be a burdensome task, especially during the night. Add some bright lights to the mix and things can take a turn for the worse.

Blinding lights from other cars, intersections, street lights, and more can become a hazardous situation which makes driving at night tricky.

We have a solution! Night Vision System !! 

Did you know that there is a major influx of car accidents during the night?

It's even worse during the winter months. This is largely due to people not being able to see that well under these conditions.

What is Night Vision System?

An automotive night vision system is a system to increase a vehicle driver's perception and seeing distance in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle's headlights.The in-built Night Vision System is currently limited to luxury vehicles,Night Vision System is available in low-cost vehicles as well,and just one fifth of the cost of in-built night vision system. Meanwhile night vision system is suitable for almost all type of cars & Trucks.

Why Do You Need Night Vision System?

  1. The ability to judge distance is reduced at night. About 90% of the driver's decisions are made based on what they see. However, at night, limited light causes many issues of visibility, in turn increasing the number of accidents.
  2. According to the European Commission for the Automotive Industry, 50% of the accidents occur at night. A majority of the road accidents that happen at night occur due to poor visibility


  • 1. Multifunction,can be portable night vision device.
  • 2. One Fifth Cost of In-built Night Vision System;
  • 3. 8.2" HD Screen 1080P with Full Color Image;
  • 4. Night View Distance up to 984Ft/300M;
  • 5. Portable,easy to use and install;

Better Driving Experience than In-built Night Vision System

  Lanmodo Vast In-built night vision system
Image color Full color Black and white
Resolution 1080P 480P
Vision angle 36° 18° / 30°
Infrared type Active infrared Passive infrared
Applicable car models 99% car model Specific car model
Installation Easy installation by yourself Must go to auto shop
Price $379.95 - $479.95 About $2500

Keep Safe Driving in Various Driver-unfriendly Situations

Driving at night with Night Vision System, improve safety all along the way.

Used in rainy days, no more worry about blurred vision.

Employed in foggy weather, drive smoothly with a clear road view.

Full-color Image and 1080P Full HD Resolution

  • Full-color image, reflect the real situation.
  • 1080P Full HD resolution image, better visual effects.
  • 8.2'' IPS screen, friendly to eyes.

36° Vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft

  • 36° HD wide-angle vision, present a broader view of the road.
  • Night vision distance extends up to 300m, drivers will know the road situation in advance.

Easy Installation with Two Methods

Method 1: With Non-slip Mat

  • 1. Fix the night vision system onto the non-slip mat, then attach the mat to the dashboard.
  • 2. Connect night vision system to cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable.

Method 2: With a Suction Cup

  • 1. Hook the night vision system to the suction cup, then attach the suction to windshield.
  • 2. Connect night vision system to cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable.

You won't have any more issues driving during the night when you use Night Vision System. This means you, your passengers, and other motorists will be safer.


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