Portable Roller Massage Stick

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This Roller Massage Stick is ideal for massaging any part of your body such as the shoulders, waist, arms and legs. This is your solution for a smoother and healthier body. It is additionally ideal for both indoor and outdoor yoga. The balls are hard for you to enjoy the massaging experience while the handles are soft enough so you dont get blisters on your hand.

It will provide you with a great deal of flexibility, elasticity, and comfort. The Anti-slip handle is composed of a high quality foam material to give you a good touch feeling and a massaging experience that you will live to remember.

Its 360 degree concave-convex surface guarantees that you can massage every part of your body.

About the product

Multi-functional: This Massager stick is designed for most body parts including shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, hip, waist, belly to make you feel and look better.

Multi-purpose: Can be used for cellulite blasting and pain, sore, aches, and knots reliever. Great for pre-workout to warm up muscles, increase circulation.

Easy to use: Instructions included in the manual. Use at least once daily dry or wet with anti-cellulite lotion or massage oil or pain relief cream for 5 or 10 minutes per target skin area. Roll firmly within your comfort level.

Large and intensive knobs: Large and intensive knobs provide you with a deep tissue massage.


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4 reviews


I've found this product easy to use, and use it primarily to loosen up cellulite. I have been using it for a few days now and am looking forward to seeing results in a few months. It's also helpful for sore muscles and can be used as a massager. I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend this product.



I know that this is for cellulite but I purchased this to use after surgery. I am required to get lymphatic massages and they are expensive. After seeing this tool, I was certain that it would work for me. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! It is very durable and will save me thousands on expensive treatments. Thanks!


Keely Allyse

What an awesome product! I got this to try to suppress the Charlie horses that I get after I work out. So far it has really helped. This is very convenient to store when not in use. The product is light enough that it's really easy to use.



I own serveral muscle rollers and cellulite cups and mits. This is my FAVORITE! I use some oil and go crazy, I can get good pressure with very little effort (unlike the hand held mit and cups which I’m exhausted after just doing my legs). I was afraid I would bruise after my first use but my legs and stomach looked great the next day! I don’t want to spend $90 on a blaster and I am very happy with this roller! Don’t be afraid to use different angles, I use them on an angle on my stomach so they stay stationary instead of roll, they drag on my skin (always use oil so there’s less friction) and I get great bloood flow and fascia breakup! I’m making great progress all over and my clothes fit so much better! I can’t wait until summer now! Update: I have been using this roller for 4 months and am still loving it. I did bruise in the beginning, which is a great sign of breaking through layers of fascia and getting more blood flow to the area. I rarely bruise now and my legs are looking smoother than ever. My calves have also become smaller. I continue to roll because it feels SO good and continue to see benefits!