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5-in-1 Radio Frequency Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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You can now experience LED Light Therapy treatment used by professional dermatologists right in the comfort of your home!

5-in-1 Radio Frequency Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine uses the latest therapeutic LED technology in skincare. The technology has been around for decades and is commonly used by dermatologists and estheticians as an in-office treatment to help reduce inflammation after facials, minimize breakouts, and give an overall boost. However, in-office treatments cost up to $350 per session.


✔️ SAFE AND EASY TO USE - Suitable for all skin types, whether dry or oily. 100% Safe to use on sensitive skin


✔️️ REDUCE FINE LINES & WRINKLES by stimulating collagen & elastin production. Restore skin elasticity, giving you a youthful appearance

✔️ TONE & TIGHTEN SAGGING SKIN - No more double chin or puffy eyes!

✔️ GET RID OF ACNE AND REPAIR ACNE MARKS by shrinking pores and drying excessive skin oil

✔️ TREAT VASCULAR SKIN PROBLEMS like redness, spider veins, and rosacea

✔️ REPAIR SIGNS OF AGING - Improve overall skin color and evenness by diluting pigmentation, dark spots, and freckles



RED - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles dramatically.  Improves skin firmness and elasticity, helping to lift and tighten the skin. 


GREEN - Improves skin tone, while reducing hyper-pigmentation and eliminating age-spots & freckles.


YELLOW - Treats and reduces redness caused by rosacea, sunburn and other skin inflammations.


BLUE - Kills bacteria which causes acne. Reduces and prevents spider veins, and acne scars.


PINK - Revitalizes your skin for a brighter glow. Adds radiance and vitality to dull skin.


Clean your skin and apply Rejuve Anti-Aging Gel™ or another lotion on skin and get the device ready for use.

Use Rejuve Skin™ for 10 minutes each day, 3 times a week. 


(LED) LIGHT THERAPY: When used consistently over time, LED light therapy reveals its trully potential leaving the skin more firm with less wrinkles and healthier.


MESOTHERAPY: Using a special electric pulse nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin’s natural elasticity. 

EMS-ELECTROPORATION: Enhances product absorption. CollagenHyaluronic Acid and other substances from beauty products can be administered deep into the dermal layers.

RF CURRENT: High-frequency waves improve aging wrinkles, promote lymphatic and blood circulation and favor the creation of new collagen boosting even more the rejuvenating effect of LED Light Therapy.


Linda, 54

"When my girlfriend told me was using this device I was skeptical about it. After seeing the changes that it did to her skin, I bought one for myself and could not be happier. I've been using it for the last 4 months and my skin is looking much firmer and the pores in my facial skin are smaller!"


Emma, 37

"I am so pleased with Rejuve Skin! My skin, once a battlefield of old pits, dings, and bumps, is now smooth and tight. My wrinkles appear to be diminishing also! It has given me so much more confidence and improved my interactions with people since I no longer feel like they are staring at me and wondering how old I am! Thanks so much, it has really changed my life."


Along with our product, you will receive the instructions manual containing tips on how to get the best out of your machine. A charging base and a complimentary USB cable is included so you can charge it with any wall adapter either you are traveling or at home.


The device should not be used under the following conditions:

Pregnant woman, epilepsy, hypertension or hypotension, heart diseases, skin diseases, install pacemaker, cancer, artificial heart or lung, allergic reaction to serums, sunburns, fever, oversensitive skin, during medical treatments. In case of previous medical conditions, please consult your doctor. Do not use on children aged 16 and below.


Once I began to use this product consistently, I saw a noticeable difference in about one week. My skin is radiant and supple. The dark spots and blemishes have begun to fade away. My skin has not felt like this since my pre-teens!

Cristen C - Wyoming, USA

I love this product. Skin is smooth, feels fresh and less wrinkles all around. Really like it, absolute must for me. Just gave one to my mum and she loved it! Thank you.

Courtney - Manchester, UK

Even my eye doctor noticed how 'young and healthy' my skin was after eye surgery, enabling fast healing. I used Rejuve Skin before the scheduled procedure and will be using it FOREVER! Amazing product!

Michelle - Calgary, Canada