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Do you want targeted compression and advanced knee support? Then, you need our knee brace! You'll get the best support for your knees while you run, play sports, jog, ride your bike, lift weights, perform squats, and so much more.

  • Knee Support: This brace keeps your knees protected during all sorts of strenuous physical activity. Be sure to consult size chart before ordering!
  • Unique Design & Anti-Slip System: You'll love the scratch-free, non-slip top that is comfortable to wear during your entire workout! This brace has been intricately designed and tested to provide exceptional support, comfort, and pain relief without interfering with how you move.
  • Comfortable to Wear: Made from soft, lightweight, and breathable material, you'll find that the brace is super comfortable to wear. It is tight, form-fitting, and provides just the right amount of compression. It also wicks moisture away from your body and is odor-free.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Activities: Whether you enjoy hiking, running, playing sports, cycling, etc. or are recovering from a knee surgery, this brace has been designed with you in mind. Freely move around and do all of the things you love!
  • Transparency: We want you to feel confident in the materials used to create this brace. Feel free to ask us questions! It is important that we have your trust because we care about your health and happiness.


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5 reviews

Damian D. Young

These things fit perfect and the added warmth they provide sure help my knees on cold winter days. I wear them all day and hardly notice that I even have them on. One of my knee caps seems to want to float around and these keep it right where it's suppose to be which is the added comfort I was looking for. I will be purchasing these again as needed, I love them!


Michael N. Love

My wife and I both need to wear knee sleeves or braces nearly continuously. We are disabled seniors and have pain and weakness in our knees that make things like standing and walking very difficult. Sometimes impossible! These are the best braces I have found for my wife and myself! They are comfortable and provide excellent support. I generally remove my braces when I go to bed. My wife wears hers 24/7.


Kathleen S. Thomas

I ordered a second pair because these are the best of all the sleeves I've tried. most importantly they do not slip at all but stay exactly where I put them. they are soft and not too tight or too hot. and much cheaper than other brands. the logo helps identify the top.


Dinah T. Gonzalez

I purchased for my husband. He was having knee pain while working out at the gym. He's very happy with the support, comfort and feel of the material. The material isn't too hot and doesn't slide down.


Melanie J. Rich

Got an arthritic knee. Usually leaves me be, but when a scouting activity or event comes up - like a hike, camp, etc. My knee will complain for days afterwards. On a whim, I bought this to wear only on my bad knee during summer camp. Dang, if it didn't work like a charm. Not only is the pressure helpful, the fact it was there served as a reminder not to take sharp turns, to slow down on climbs and descents, etc. Pretty much stays in place, sometimes requires a tug. Very nice. It's now a staple of my daypack and backpack.