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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

$99.95 $199.95


The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is the perfect way to safely and accurately check tire pressure without having to go to a gas station or automotive shop. The device can easily be used by ANYONE!

This product is monumental in terms of convenience.

Right now, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is on SALE!


  • Spare tire support (MU9F-5 model)
  • Supports Summer/Winter tire switching with 2 sets of sensors
  • Wide Range of Pressure Alarm Settings, suitable for 0~8 bar tires

TPMS for Android Car DVD/Android Navigation

  • The TPMS receiver can be connected to Android car DVD via USB port
  • Tire pressure and temperature data displaying on Android Car DVD screen
  • Sound Alarm via car speakers and screen alarm when an abnormality occurs
  • Prevents tires from bursting

Excellent Motion Detection Function

  • Sensor wakes up automatically when tires begin to move
  • Quickly updates tire pressure and temperature data to Android TPMS App
  • Automatically shuts down to save energy after parking

6 Built-In Protections:

  1. High Pressure Alarm
  2. Low Pressure Alarm
  3. Air Leakage Alarm
  4. High Temperature Alarm
  5. Battery Low Power Alarm
  6. Sensors Disconnection Alarm

High Accuracy & High Quality:

  • A field-proven dual-axis accelerometer architecture
  • The XZ axis offers motion detection
  • Low-power wake-up timer, free-running counter, and periodic reset is driven by LFO

Easily Exchanges Tire Position:

  • Makes changing spare tires a breeze (MU9F-5 support)
  • Operating easily in our TPMS App

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tire Pressure Monitoring System