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Turkey Slingshots (12PCS)

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This new turkey slingshot will provide you and your family the funniest holiday playing together! It's a fascinating process to watch slingshot birds fly around the workplace, kitchen, or backyard. They attach to the wall, ceiling, and even your friend's back, then gently fall off. For youngsters and teens, these outdoor activities and party favors are ideal.


  • Easy to Play - These Turkey Slingshots should be pulled, stretched, and flung. Eject it against the wall and watch it slide down; the process is hilarious. Alternatively, play it with your buddies to see who can shoot the furthest!
  • Easy to Wash - When the Turkey Slingshots gets soiled, wash it with detergent and water; it may be played in any location and is simple to clean.
  • Perfect Game for Family - With this new captivating gadget, kids will ditch their gadgets.

How does it work?

  • Place your index finger in the opening beneath the chicken's head and use your other hand to pull their tail. Aim for the target and fire.

Note: In case of injury, please do not aim at the most susceptible portions of the body, such as the eyes. Please use under the supervision of parents for children under the age of 14.


  • Material: Silicone Plastic
  • Color: Yellow

Package includes:

  • 12 x Turkey Slingshot