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Wheel Bearing Master Tool Set

$39.95 $79.95


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This tool set is perfect for professional and DIY use.

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  • Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.
  • This kit makes it very easy to insert wheel bearing races and seals with out damage to the race and axle housing.
  • Also useful for driving small bushes etc...
  • Suitable for cars/motorbikes or anything that has bearings or seals.
  • Aluminum construction for strength and durability as well as rust resistance.
  • Fits most standard bushing/wheel bearings, turn the discs over to drive seals.

Set Includes the Following Sizes:

  1. (Small end diameter x Large end diameter) 10x12mm, 12x14mm, 14x16mm, 15x17mm, 16x18mm, 18x20mm, 20x22mm, 22x24mm, 25x27mm, 28x30mm, 30x34mm, 32x36mm, 35x40mm, 38x42mm.
  2. It also includes small, medium and large driver handles.
  3. Long aluminum handles ranging from 113mm - 162mm long, with a knurled surface finish for extra grip when using.
  4. Complete with a blow-molded case for easy storage and transportation.